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Timber Decking Carpenters - Sunshine Coast

Timber Decking in Sunshime Coast

Installation of timber decks

At Carports Sunshine Coast, we are professional timber deck builders in the Sunshine Coast area. We are experienced in carpentry, joinery, deck building & can build you a beautiful timber deck.
We have outstanding knowledge of timber and materials associated with building decks which means you can rest assured that your deck will last for many years to come. We don’t leave the job site until the client is completely satisfied with our workmanship and all requirements are fulfilled. We specialize in timber deck designs ranging from simple low-level decks to multi-level decks incorporating stairs, spas, water features, outdoor kitchens etc.


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    Using timber for all your decks

    Timber can be used to make different types of decks such as elevated decks, ground-level decks, pool decks and even pergolas. Timber decks make your home look great with its natural beauty and elegance. It will fit into surrounding areas, making your home stand out in the neighbourhood. If you’re looking for a carpenter to help you design and build your perfect timber deck, then get in touch with the team at Carports Sunshine Coast. We are experts in all things carpentry and would be more than happy to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

    A deck made of timber

    Advantages of using timber compared to other types of decks

    One thing to consider when using composite decking is how it will be attached to your home or garage structure. It is not recommended that nails are used with this product because they will eventually pull out over time and cause problems for you underfoot. Therefore, screws or bolts should be considered as ways to attach this type of decking material to your house. Another option is some sort of adhesive designed for exterior use, which can also provide some added protection against water damage on top of attaching the boards properly. Either way, understanding what works best with composite decks can help you make sure that you do not come down the road and potentially miss a step as it were, which can lead to quite dangerous conditions for your flooring.

    Timber decks being painted

    How to clean and maintain your timber deck

    Cleaning a timber deck is not too difficult and can simply be achieved using the right tools.
    Using a stiff bristle broom, sweep the majority of dirt off your decking down to the ground below. Then clean one section at a time with soapy water, using either a soft scrubbing brush or sponge to remove stains and dirt. Alternatively, you could invest in an outdoor power washer that is well worth it if you plan to maintain your timber deck often. For stubborn stains that don’t want to budge then try applying some bicarbonate soda (baking soda), leave this for about 15 minutes before proceeding to scrub away with your brush or sponge. After this has been done rinse your decking thoroughly with fresh water and let it dry.

    installation of timber decks

    Why go for a timber deck?

    Timber decks are a great choice for many reasons:
    1) They look great and can really enhance the appearance of your home.
    2) They’re perfect for those who love to entertain outdoors as they provide a great area for socializing and relaxing.
    3) They’re perfect for those who love to garden as they provide a fantastic platform for growing plants and flowers.
    4) They’re perfect for those who have children as they provide a safe, secure area where kids can play without having to worry about them getting injured.
    5) They’re perfect for those who love to relax in the sun as they provide a great spot to soak up some rays.

    Why Choose Carports Sunshine Coast?

    One of the reasons that would make us your go-to deck contractor is that we are locally owned and operated. Our carpenters are qualified and experienced and we use only the highest quality materials. We are also fully insured and licensed.

    We are committed to delivering nothing but the best services when you contact us for your timber decking requirements. We offer exceptional service, which includes free consultations on-site! That’s right – no obligations attached! All you have to do is contact our friendly team today, who will be more than happy to visit your home in person in order to provide recommendations for your dream outdoor area.

    If you’re looking for a timber deck carpenter on the Sunshine Coast, then get in touch with us today! We would be more than happy to provide you with a free quote. Our team is looking forward to helping you create the perfect outdoor space for your home!


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